Sunday, November 16, 2008

Altered Binder Clips

This week's challenge from Sisterhood of Scrap was to show off your altered projects. I was going to alter an old board book that my kids don't read anymore but, I didn't have the pictures I wanted for it. So, I decided to send in these binder clips that I made over the summer. My sister had a tent at Heritage Days celebration and I decided to sell some things with her. I also altered some clip boards and paper clips. We didn't sell much but it was still fun to sit at her booth together and laugh at people. We really are mean - aren't we Lindsay?


ggray said...

Stephanie, Great idea on your altered project. I forgot that you made these clips. They are so cute, you should make more to sell at your sister's craft booth in December. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks great babe! I like the new background for your blog a lot easier to read! You have many talents! Love you sorry we didn't see each other much tonight! Maybe on thanksgiving! Love you!

Lindsay said...

I'm not are. Yes, the clips are cute and like Mom said, you should make more to send for Dec 10. Also, I think we're going to attempt the gift card holders. I was talking to a fellow crafter at work and she thinks your scrapbook kits are WAY too cheap. She said don't ask less than $5.