Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas projects

Here are some Christmas projects I've been working on. They were so much fun, besides the fact my sister started calling me "Martha Stewart" because every time I saw her I was doing a different craft :)

Bird feeders for the winter. Peanut butter and birdseed
on a pinecone.

Whisks with hershey kisses in them. The tags say "We 'whisk' you a merry Christmas!"
These are for the kids' teachers.

Quilled Christmas card. I found the idea here.

Candy cans. I got this idea from Colleen, one of the sisters on SOS. I took a soup can with the pull of lid, cleaned it out, and took the label off. Then I decorated it & put candy inside. Final step was to glue the tab lid back on. I'm planning on putting these in stockings.

Recycled gift tags. I punched out images from the store circulars and added cardstock to the back. Green, easy & cheap. Right up my alley!!

Folded paper Christmas tree ornaments. Idea found here.

Quilled Snowflakes. I got the patterns from a JoAnns idea card. Once you get the hang of quilling, it's pretty easy.