Monday, April 13, 2009

Thinking of You

This layout is for the latest Pagemaps challenge. This was a hard page for me to finish. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I wasn't completely sold on using this particular picture. I had already used it on another layout and although I like the picture, I didn't seem to have many of just Andrew. I'm also a perfectionist so I wanted the page to be perfect. Anyway, the contest was to scrap about something that's been on my mind and as you can tell by the journaling, what's been on my mind is Andrew. He's had lots of medical stuff going on lately and it's been hard, especially for him. So, I did this page to let him know how I've been feeling since I'm not always so good expressing that in words.

P.S. Hurry on over to Lorraine's blog. She is giving away mystery candy!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project 365: Week 11

So this was the fun week. We took so many pictures that I just copied my mom's memory card onto my computer. I think this makes up for not taking any pictures last week. Enjoy!
Day 73 Mar. 16
The kids went to school today and we took my parents to see them at lunch. We brought them Happy Meals for lunch. The kids had fun seeing my parents. Josh's lunch was a little more crazy than Hannah's but it was still fun to take them lunch.

Day 74 Mar. 17

We took my parents to my school and then bowling. The first picture is in my classroom. The second picture was taken at the lookout on the way down the mountain and the third picture is the teacher coming out in dad teaching Hannah how to bowl.

Day 74 Mar. 18

My dad wasn't feeling well on this day so it started out with a library in the kids room. Then we flew kites. Then my mom helped the kids sew up Hannah's pillow and then they made Easter cookies. Even though we were a man down, we still had a busy day!

Day 75 Mar. 19
We went to Cerrata's Chocolate Factory and the kids got "chompo" bars (from the Francis books). Then we went to Westgate shopping center and saw the jumping fountains.

Day 76 Mar. 20

We were driving by the stadium and saw fireworks going off for a Spring Training baseball game. So, we pulled over and watched the last few.

Day 77 Mar. 21

We had a party for my niece's 3rd birthday. The pool wasn't really warm enough to swim in but the kids wanted to get in anyway. After their lips and nails turned blue, they finally got out :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 10

Don't know what happened this week. I don't know if I just forgot about the pictures or we didn't do anything very interesting. Maybe I was saving up for week 11, which was the week my parents came. Anyway, only 2 pictures this week - sorry :-(

Day 66 Mar. 9
Day 67 Mar. 10
Day 68 Mar. 11
Day 69 Mar. 12
Day 70 Mar. 13
Day 71 Mar. 14

We borrowed Andrew's parents' car for my parents visit and we took it to the car wash. They have a window where you can watch the cars go through and the kids had fun watching them.
Day 72 Mar. 15

I had a little garage sale today, selling some of my Mary Kay stuff and the kids decided to sell some water. Yes, you read the sign right, $2 for water from our tap, in our glasses. They are little entreprenuers. Next stop, bundles of grass....Ha Preston!!!