Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 10

Don't know what happened this week. I don't know if I just forgot about the pictures or we didn't do anything very interesting. Maybe I was saving up for week 11, which was the week my parents came. Anyway, only 2 pictures this week - sorry :-(

Day 66 Mar. 9
Day 67 Mar. 10
Day 68 Mar. 11
Day 69 Mar. 12
Day 70 Mar. 13
Day 71 Mar. 14

We borrowed Andrew's parents' car for my parents visit and we took it to the car wash. They have a window where you can watch the cars go through and the kids had fun watching them.
Day 72 Mar. 15

I had a little garage sale today, selling some of my Mary Kay stuff and the kids decided to sell some water. Yes, you read the sign right, $2 for water from our tap, in our glasses. They are little entreprenuers. Next stop, bundles of grass....Ha Preston!!!


Mom said...

I love their interest in making money!! Yes, selling grass bundles was way out there too.

Lindsay said...

Yesterday Madison sold sticks from our wagon. I gave her a quarter for some branches that had been taken off our Christmas tree (in December). Then she gave me my money back! Now that's my kind of sale! Cute pictures!