Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pagemaps Card Challenge

Pagemaps is having a card challenge so I thought I would try to make a card for it. I'm not very confident in my card making skills, especially when I watch Kristina Werner do it every Monday. My cards definitely don't measure up to hers! I made this card for my sister for her graduation so since I haven't sent it yet, she gets to see it early :-)

Materials: White cardstock - unknown, Black cardstock - unknown, Patterned Paper - DCWV all occasion ultimate stack, Flowers & Brad - Best Occasion, Offray Black nice & narrow ribbon, Colorbox Frost White ink, Studio G alphabet stamp set ($1 from Michaels)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pagemaps Challenge #5

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did. Our day went by too fast! Then my day slowed down because I spent Christmas night looking straight up in the air at a movie screen. We went to see "Bedtime Stories" and it was almost sold out so the only seats were right up front. I mean front row! It was a good movie though and the kids liked it so that's all that matters, right? After the movie, I got to scrapbook with my sister-in-law and I finished this page for another Pagemaps challenge. These pictures were taken over the summer when we went back to Illinois for vacation. Enjoy!

Materials used: cardstock, stickers & paper: DCWV All Occasion paper pack, Offray white ribbon, ThermOWeb foam squares

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Letter that's not a letter

The last challenge I was able to complete for Sisterhood of Scrap's online crop was about using a non-letter in place of a letter. I chose Hannah's soccer pictures from last season. You can tell I'm behind because her second season is almost over!!! Anyway, I used a soccer ball in place of the "o" in Soccer. I also took her cleats and stamped on the paper with them. I wish I hadn't covered them up so much with my pictures but I didn't have much room. The journaling is behind one of the pictures and I wrote on half of a soccer ball. It says "Hannah's first season of soccer was a big learning experience! She gradually got more agressive and now she is a great soccer player!"

Materials used: green paper - unknown, black paper - unknown, The Paper Studio soccer balls paper, Offray nice & narrow black ribbon, StayzOn ink - jet black, Therm o Web foam squares.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lessons I've Learned

I started this layout back in August for a contest on the theme of "lessons." I'm not sure if I needed to think more about it, or I lost inspiration but whatever the reason I put it aside until now. Sisterhood of Scrap's 4th challenge was to use arrows on your layout. Well, I had already planned to use arrows on this page so I pulled it back out, found my inspiration again, and finished the page. Hope you like it!

Materials used: My Minds Eye green family words paper, off-white paper - unknown, brown paper - unknown, Graphix chipboard (arrows), K&Company Endearments Clearly Yours, EKSuccess Mini Fresh Cuts Woodsy Tags


Sisterhood of Scrap is having an online crop this weekend and I decided to participate. Yesterday they posted 6 scrapbook challenges and today they posted 2 card challenges. You have until the 29th to finish them. It's too bad we don't have family visiting for Thanksgiving cause I know a few people who I would really like to work with on these challenges! Thankfully, Andrew was gracious enough to answer my questions about colors. He is so nice to tell me he likes my stuff and to encourage my addiction, I mean, my hobby :-)

Anyway, on to the challenge...The fifth challenge yesterday (yes, I'm doing them out of order!) was to make a layout using a transparency and this is what I came up with. This picture of Hannah was taken when we went to Illinois for vacation. We went to my Aunt Cyndi's house and she has some very pretty flowers. Hannah, and my niece Madison were putting them in their hair and acting like princesses. Hope you enjoy the layout!
Materials used: $1 flower paper from Target, unknown off-white paper, Colorbok rubons, Printworks transparencies, Scrappy Cat clear stamps Timbres Clair, StayzOn ink Jet Black

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Altered Binder Clips

This week's challenge from Sisterhood of Scrap was to show off your altered projects. I was going to alter an old board book that my kids don't read anymore but, I didn't have the pictures I wanted for it. So, I decided to send in these binder clips that I made over the summer. My sister had a tent at Heritage Days celebration and I decided to sell some things with her. I also altered some clip boards and paper clips. We didn't sell much but it was still fun to sit at her booth together and laugh at people. We really are mean - aren't we Lindsay?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Brotherly Love

Well, I found another website that does challenges and contests. It's no wonder none of my grading gets done isn't it? The website, Sisterhood of Scrap, has a weekly challenge and then each time you enter, your name gets put into the monthly drawing. With Halloween just ending, the theme for last week was a page about something "sweet." So I chose do do this page about my brothers - except I spelled it Suh-weet - just like they would say it. Anyway, enjoy!

Materials used: brown, blue, green cardstock - unknown, Basic Grey patterned paper, Jo Ann craft essentials adhesive tags, Color box chestnut roan chalk ink, journaling - brown Sharpie

*Journaling on the first page above the picture says: They play pranks with me & they smirk & wait like nothing happened.

*Journaling on the first page on the green paper says: Funny Story - Wesley & I thought it would be funny to switch the family flags when they were all gone from their campsites. I don't think they thought it was as funny but we laughed. Thanks for being crazy with me Wes!

*Journaling on the second page says: Suh-Weet! That's what brotherly love is to me. Although my brothers were somewhat of a pain growing up, I enjoy hanging out with them on vacations. Who knew they would be so great?

*Second page next to the picture says: They take my kids on adventures to see the dirt bike track.

*Next to the picture of Andrew (who has a great look on his face, by the way! It totally says "Do I have to sit in this purple elephant with my nephew?): They take my kids on rides - even if they are less than enthusiastic!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pagemaps Challenge #4

I know, I've been incredibly negligent of my blog. October has been a crazy, busy month at home and at school! This is my entry for another Pagemaps contest. I got my rear in gear and entered last minute (what a surprise, right?). The rules were to scrapbook about something meaningful to you, so I chose my family. I got to use the packet my mom sent back with Andrew - thanks mom! I really like these pictures of my family. The one of Andrew was taken at the kids soccer practice the first weekend in Oct. He was holding both of the kids soccer balls and then decided to get goofy and put them on his chest area. The one of Josh was taken on his birthday and he got a suction Nerf gun and someone shot it and it happened to stick on his head. Hannah's picture was taken on the first day of school when we went to Sonic afterwards for a snack.

What's in it: Colorbok Earthtones scrap pack (paper, letters, words, extras), Memories in the Making sticky squares, Zots glue dots, Fiskars glue dots

Friday, October 3, 2008

When I'm President...

I usually don't make 2 posts in one day - let alone within 4 hrs. of each other but tonight Josh said something that was post-worthy. He told me that when he gets bigger he is going to be president one day. Big aspirations but that's okay. He fits at least one of the qualifications right now! Then he tells me that when he is president this is what he is going to say: "Follow God's choices and we love our Moms." Later he added "Love your Moms and Dads and sisters." If only everybody did that - how the nation could change!

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. I got a little busy with school. Who needs grades anyway? Apparently my principal thinks so! Yesterday was my birthday and I had a really good day. Three of my girl students made me cards and then they wrote Happy Birthday on my whiteboard. I got a food processor (cause I don't have one) and, of course, scrapbooking supplies. My birthday would not be complete with out something that supports my addiction, I mean my hobby. I also got to eat at Pei Wei's last night. We finally got one in our town and we went on the 2nd night it was open. Surprisingly, it wasn't packed. Then, I came home to a bichon frise cupcake cake. The kids helped pick it out - it was cute. Thanks to everybody who sent me cards and gifts etc. Even though I'm only 2 years away from 30 (thanks Tim for bumping me there early :-) I still had a great day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pagemaps Challenge 3

This is my layout for another Pagemaps Challenge. This time the sketch was for a 6x12 page. Since I don't scrapbook 6x12 sizes, I started it on one half of my page and used the rest of my pictures on the other half of the page. I have been wanting to use chipboard brackets so I tried something new and I made my own. It was challenging and fun. The journaling says "Mommy was out of school and you hadn't started break yet so, I came and helped make gingerbread houses. Fun!" I used my early birthday present which was the new Quickutz font - Empire. I know my birthday isn't until October but I guess I wanted to get started early. Hope you like it.

What I used: Green paper - DCWV, Maroon paper - unknown, Bright Scratch Dots - Carolees Creations, Journal stamp & border stamp - $1 Michaels stamp, Recollections Dimensional Gingerbread stickers, Font - Quickutz Empire

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Day of School

Here are the pictures of the first day of school. Hannah seemed a little nervous but she knew some of the kids in her class already so that was good. Josh was ready to go as soon as we got to his room. We gave hugs & kisses and said good-bye and then we stood at the door. (don't worry, we weren't the only ones out there :-) He caught us looking and when he saw us we waved and he started pointing down the hallway. I guess that was our signal that he wanted us to leave. Surprisingly we didn't cry too much. We both got it out the night before. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Josh is "saluting" us.

Do you see him? He's in front of the lady with the red shirt.

Snacks after school at Sonic

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dancing Hannah

I know you are waiting for pictures of the kids' first day of school but I just haven't taken the time to post them. Sorry - tomorrow, I promise! While you are waiting, here is a video of Hannah dancing. They had the radio on last night and I took some video of them dancing. This is one of Hannah dancing to a Spanish radio station. It's a little dark - sorry.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pagemap Challenge #2

I had a rare moment Friday night because I was by myself all night long! So, I scrapped. I was so inspired I made 4 pages. 3 of them were for my sister-in-law as a thank you for inviting my kids to a sleep over. Here's the Pagemap layout and my take on it. I ran out of thread on my second one so I'll have to add it when I remember to buy some. Can you tell my mom was a seamstress? I didn't listen to her lessons very well :-)


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to School!

So it's back to school for me next week. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone. I guess I really only had a month of summer because of summer school and summer rec. Oh well, it was still a fun summer. I am excited about starting school this year. I have fun first day activity planned for my students. Although recent events at my school have put a damper on things, I know this will still be a great year. I am continuing to keep a small class size (only 9 kids) and this will be another year of more girls than boys (6 out of nine). After my first year of 2 girls and 5 boys, I think I deserve it! Hopefully there won't be as much drama as I had last year! I am excited to start my 3rd year of teaching as my principal says this is the year where I've got everything under control (hopefully).

My kids start school on the 11th and I am excited for them as well. Hannah's in 1st grade and Josh will start kindergarten (sniffle, sniffle). Josh is so excited to start school. He just wants to read like his big sister! I hope I don't cry too badly on the first day because I tear up every time I think about it. I will be sure to take pictures and post them later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am so bored!!!

I have had the most boring day ever! Andrew had our car today because he was helping his sister and brother-in-law move back from their campgrounds for the school year. So, I didn't have a car today. I don't think I would've gone anywhere if I did have a car but maybe it was just the thought. I have papers to write for a summer class I didn't take but I'm still getting credit for. I have 6 separate papers to write and I only have one sentence done for the first paper. Every time I sit down at the computer I find something else to do. I have played probably 20 games of Freecell and there is nothing on t.v. Wait, there is but it's either watch Bear Grylls drink yak blood and eat an eyeball or change it to an infomercial channel. Hmmm...not a tough decision. Wow, this is even boring to read back!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My blog just hit 1000 views! I think it's really only been 3 people: me, my husband and my sister. But still that means we have each viewed my blog 333 times. Kind of sad, but still kind of cool! Happy 1000th viewer to me!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pagemap Challenge

So today I entered my first challenge on the Pagemaps blog. I happened to check out the site and click on the new blog and there was a challenge. The deadline was tonight and like my last minute ritual, I put together a page. The small tag says "cherish" and the pink tag says "love".Hope you like it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Machine!

That is my new nickname for Andrew. Vacation did a number on both of us and we decided to start going to the gym together. We've only gone for two days but Andrew was pretty tough on me those two days. He's taught me some new exercises and encouraged me to push myself harder than if I had been by myself at the gym. Not to mention it's been nice to have someone to work out with so you can talk to them, you can motivate each other and so you don't worry about feeling like everyone is staring at you :) Thanks for helping me out babe! I love you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Zoo outbreak?

So last night, Andrew went into a hotel to check for a room and he saw a fox as he was getting out of the car. Today as we were driving home, we were listening to the news and there was an African lion that had been spotted in El Paso, Texas. There were reverse 911 warnings going out to all residents to keep their pets and children inside their homes (duh!). Finally, today we were in the northern part of New Mexico and we has stopped to go to the bathroom. As we were getting back on the highway, we saw 5 or so peacocks on the side of the road. Dead serious, peacocks! So I'm wondering, was there a zoo outbreak that no one was informed of? Maybe someone is playing the game Jumanji. I'm wondering what animals we will see next, giraffes? rhinos? zebras?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cell Phone Update

So yesterday, I was holding my brand new, hand-me-down Chocolate and I noticed that the screen had turned gray. I shut my phone off and turned it on again. Still gray. I took out the battery and put it back in, then turned on my phone. Still gray. Andrew did some research and apparently, the Chocolate phone has some sort of pin that can go out by the phone being slid open and closed (watch out Wesley!). So until I get a new phone, mine is out of commission. If you need me or want to talk to me, please call Andrew's phone or e-mail me. We are still on vacation and are planning to go home on Saturday. I will keep you updated and let you know when I get a new phone. Blackberry Curve or LG Envy? I won't get my hopes up....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Dash

Today I was listening to Pastor Greg Laurie on the christian radio station out here (90.3 KFLR). He has been doing a series on The Greatest Stories Ever Told. Today's series was titled "The Foolish Wise Man II" in which he finished a discussion about King Solomon. He talked about how Solomon grew up in a christian home but after he became king, he did a lot of things that God did not approve of. Solomon learned from his mistakes however and tried to warn others about his mistakes. Pastor Laurie went on to say that when he dies, his grave marker will say his date of birth to his date of death. No one will remember what happened the day he was born or the day he died. What people will remember though is what he did in between those days. On your grave marker, that is the dash. So, what will you do with your dash? Make the most of everyday you have and live everyday like it's your last. What do you want people to remember about you? None of us know when we will die but we do know what we can do with the time that we have now. So, live your dash to the fullest!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today is...

Did you know that today is National Splurge Day? I found that out on Kristina Werner's website. I love looking at her Make a Card Monday videos. I am a steady visitor but I haven't participated in any of her color challenges yet. I guess I'm not feeling creative enough. Anyway, if you could splurge on anything, what would it be?

Today is also International Panic Day. I found that out on a Strange Holidays Blog. So, if you were to panic about anything what would it be?

Monday, June 9, 2008

You are Important!

I was listening to the radio today and I heard the song by Casting Crowns “East to West.” There is one part in the first verse that says “I know you've cast my sin as far as the East is from the West.” Then, in the chorus they say that Jesus knows "just how far the East is from the West, one scarred hand to the other.” I was just thinking that verse over in my mind and I think we can sometimes get all wrapped up in thinking about our sins. We don’t have to think about that. Jesus has already forgotten our sins when we repent for them. If you think about how far the east is from the west it’s unfathomable. But Jesus knows. He knows because he paid the price for our sins to be forever gone from us.

Another song I heard today was “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin. The one line in that song that always gets me is the first line of the chorus that says “Indescribable, Uncontainable, You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.” How amazing is God? He knows every star by name! If God takes the time to know each and every star then how much more do we matter to him? Have you taken a look at the sky lately? There’s a lot of stars up there! Don’t ever think you don’t matter to anyone. Your boss, co-workers, friends etc. may not realize your worth or your greatness, but God does. If God knows how far the East is from the West for us and he knows each star by name, then he also knows your worth and your greatness. You are important!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday was my sister Lindsay's birthday and yesterday was my brother Andrew's birthday. My sister turned 24 and my brother turned 15. He will be so mad that I say this but it was so weird talking to him because his voice is changing! I just wanted to share some things that I remember from when we were younger (don't worry, I'll spare everyone the embarrassing details!):

  • Andrew used to call chap stick "lip chap."

  • Once Lindsay ate a tube of chap stick because she thought it was candy. My mom found her sitting on the dryer with a tube about as wide as a quarter and completely rolled up. Hmm....where do your kids get it?

  • When Lindsay and I used to share a room and we would get mad at each other, we would tie up the other's bed with yarn.

  • Andrew had a red power ranger uniform that he would wear to church every Sunday night for about 2 months when he was 4 or 5. (I won't say any more about that uniform - may it rest in peace!)

  • One time Lindsay and I were the last ones out of the house on a very cold winter day. When we shut the door, one of our cats got stuck in between the doors. When we came home, the cat had done it's duty all over the door. My dad made us clean it up. I laughed and poured hot water while Lindsay chipped it away.

  • Andrew used to dance with his chin stuck out and his eyes closed.

  • Lindsay and I used to roll off my top bunk onto pillows and blankets below.

  • I fell down the back steps once while I was carrying Andrew on our way to Easter service at church.

  • Lindsay and I used to play Boxcar Children in the pasture. "Let's pretend our parents are dead...."

  • Lindsay and I got stuck in the mud once right by the fence and we peed our pants because we were laughing so hard about it. Then my dad got mad at us because he had to pull us out.

  • Andrew and Lindsay used to sing these songs: "I feel like chicken tonight" and the song about the basketball player wearing her pants low.

Happy Birthday guys! We really did have a fun childhood beyond all the fighting we did! I am so blessed to have my 3 brothers and my sister!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 12 things I will remember about Hannah's school year

1. Taking off work for her first day of school and taking her to school and then not crying when I thought I would.

2. Getting letters from the assistant principal saying that Hannah had been referred to her for showing positive character traits.

3. Watching Hannah start school not being able to read and having her finish it knowing how to read.

4. Having her nominated as a KinderColt of the Month 2 times. These were students who exhibited the 6 character traits of her school (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship)

5. Going to eat lunch with her on my days off.

6. Helping make gingerbread houses with her and her class during my Christmas break.

7. Watching her first Christmas program.

8. Taking her to many school friends birthday parties.

9. Doing Kindergarten homework the night before it's due (do you expect anything different from me?)

10. Watching her get off the bus and having her ask me if she can ride it again because it was fun.

11. Having her teacher write "practically perfect in every way" on her 4th qtr. midterm report.

12. Watching her walk across the stage at her kindergarten graduation and crying when the teachers read a nice poem. She's all grown up!

Top 12 things I will remember about Josh's school year

1. Being worried about not having a preschool set up for him and checking around at all the different options.

2. Finding a public preschool and finding out that my son qualifies as a "Model" student. (this is the only way he could go because preschool is reserved for special needs students)

3. Hearing him talk about his friends and his teachers.

4. Doing family homework (the night before it's due of course)

5. Having him get his immunizations and going into anaphylactic shock. That was the scariest call I have ever gotten!

6. Getting a call from Andrew before I left for school that Josh had broken his arm. Another scary phone call!

7. Having Andrew go in to talk to the director of Josh's school about having his classroom teacher changed.

8. Moving Josh to a new classroom and having him get along great with a new teacher and new friends.

9. Watching Josh be sad because he can't play soccer or go to karate birthday parties. Next year bud!

10. Taking pictures of the bracelet Josh made for his first “girlfriend” Madison.

11. Having Josh start the year not being able to recognize letters or being able to write his name and having him finish the year accomplishing those things.

12. Hearing his teacher say he is ready for Kindergarten.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hawaii Chair

This is so funny! A teacher at school showed me this video and I about fell on the floor because I was laughing so hard! This first one is the actual infomercial:

Now this is a clip from the Ellen Degeneres show when she tried it out:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 10 things I will remember about this school year

1. Starting the year with 15 students and ending with 8.

2. Taking 4 months to read Frankenstein. That was a 12th grade, unabridged, book I read with my awesome 7th & 8th graders!!!

3. Watching Seussical Jr. Musical and having to yell at the annoying 7th & 8th graders (not from my school - thank God!) behind me. Grrr! Don't get me angry during a play!!!

4. Having a student leave, then come back, then leave again, then come back.

5. Nominating one of my students for National Jr. Leadership Conference and sending her on an excellent trip to Washington D.C.

6. Crying when one of my favorite students left a month before school was out with only 2 days notice.

7. Finding out that 6 out of 8 of my students scored at or above grade level on district-wide tests.

8. Beating the students for the 2nd time in a staff vs. student volleyball match. Go old people!

9. Beating the students in the 1st annual staff vs. student kickball game. Old people rock - again!

10. Watching my first class of 7th graders mature into smart, capable 8th graders, and finally letting them go into the hands of the high school world. I will not cry! I will not cry!

One for me...dentist none!

Had my 6 month dental check-up today in case you cared. I have had a tooth that has been sensitive so I was thinking I would probably have a cavity. I started going to the dentist last year after not seeing one since I had gotten married (July 2001). I know - what was I thinking?!? Anyway, I have had a cavity the last two times I have gone. Tonight though, NO CAVITY! Yeah!!!! The hygienist did tell me though that she can tell I am right-handed. She made a good guess as 90% of people are right-handed, right? Well, she said that the recession on my gums is mainly on the right side and usually that means you are right-handed because you go crazy on the right side. Funny, huh? By the way, watch out Lindsay - gum recession is hereditary. Looks like we'll be buying each other dentures soon!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My new movtivational speaker...

Tonight we were at the park and the kids were making their own obstacle courses. You know, up the steps, through the tunnel, down the slide etc. Well, Josh was upset because he was trying to finish the obstacle course and Hannah came over to talk to him. She said "Josh it's not about winning, it's about having fun." Then, Josh in typical boy fashion says back "No, Hannah, it's about winning not about having fun." Maybe Hannah has a future as a motivational speaker and Josh has a future as an athlete.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Josh's musings

Today we made a trip to the store and when we were getting into the car, Hannah asked me if it hurt when I had her. I told her that it hurt a little bit. Then, Josh asked if it hurt Daddy when Daddy had him. I laughed and asked him why would it hurt daddy? Then I asked him if he thought daddy had him because he was a boy and mommy had Hannah because we were girls. He said yes. Then I explained to him that only girls have babies and not boys. Thankfully, that's all the further we've gotten in the "baby dept. discussions" but it was funny to hear him ask such a thoughtful question.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I found this on a website and thought it was interesting. You can find this question and others here.

Write about a time you cheated and got away with it. How did you feel?

I cheated in 10th grade in Chemistry class. I was terrible in Chemistry. I remember Mr. Luidahl giving us these chemical equation worksheets and we had to balance the equation. You know, there is just some point where you quit after you have 36 hydrogens on one side and 24 on the other and you have been balancing the equation for 1 hour. So the morning after these worksheets were handed out, I would gather with my friends in the library and copy their answers. After all, I was just trying to keep my sanity right? I actually don't feel bad about this because Chemistry was a really hard class and Mr. Luidahl was a really hard teacher. I tried to understand but for the life of me, I was not cut out for Chemistry. To this day I still don't like that subject! At the time that I was cheating, I knew it was wrong and that I should really try to understand it for myself but I was so desperate to save my grade (and my toush) that I really didn't give it much thought.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hannah's 1st Game

Hannah had her first soccer game/match, whatever they are called, today. The coach rotated everyone every 5 minutes so they all got a little playing time. Her team didn't win but they did a good job. She's the one wearing the pink socks in case you couldn't tell. Here are the pictures:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Keira's 2!

This last Saturday, my niece, Keira, turned 2. They had a family party and the kids swam in the pool. The temp was 83. I am a chicken so I don't get in until it's a lot warmer! Here are some pictures of the kids (William, Candace, Emily, Hannah, Josh and Keira) in the pool.

Keira trying on goggles

Josh swimming with his floaty

Hannah being the "lifeguard"

Andrew jumping in the pool. I caught him at the perfect midair moment!

All the kids hanging out

Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's!

The dreaded day of every person who knows a prankster is upon us. Tomorrow, pranksters of all ages will descend upon the unsuspecting to unleash their terror. Many of us will turn on the faucet and have water spray into our faces (Mom, watch out for that one - my loving siblings got me with that one all the time!!!). Others of us will go to relieve ourselves in the bathroom only to have our waste dribble down the side of the toilet because someone has put plastic wrap on the seat. Then there will be those of us who will sit down at our desks without seeing the up-turned tack in our seats. All the while, the pranksters in our lives will be hiding and laughing at us. Oh, did I mention that if anyone else sees you, they will laugh at you too. Let's just get it out there, you will likely be the subject of everyone's laughter at work or at school for the next month.

Last year I was so glad that April Fool's fell on a weekend. That way I didn't have to worry about teenagers getting the best of me while I was standing up in front of the class. This year however, it's not. Tomorrow, as I wake up, my stomach will be tied in knots. I don't know what my students have up their sleeves, but I know I'm not ready for it. This year I have the upper hand because I already played an early joke on them. They heard this morning that we were going on a field trip tomorrow. Little did they know that it was a fake field trip to the moon (how many times I've wanted to send them for real!!). They were worked up about it all day. I even had one student worry he wouldn't get to go because he didn't have his work done and he got a detention slip. I sent the permission slip home amongst a bunch of other papers. It will be funny to see how many actually come back. Maybe I started early trouble for myself and tomorrow will be a day of revenge.

We shall see, I will keep you updated!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Where are you?

This goes out to my sister because:

1. She hasn't posted on her blog in a long time and I check it every day to see if there's something, and..

2. They love the Grinch so I know she will appreciate it.

"Where Are You Lindsay"

Where are you Lindsay
Why can't I find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear music play

My world is gone now
I only yawn now
Does that mean you’ve gone too

Where are you Lindsay
Do you remember
The blog you used to know
I'm still the same one
Our time is not done
Why you have let me go

Friday, March 21, 2008

Being sick...

Being sick stinks! No matter who you are or how old you are, it just stinks. Every time I'm sick, I want my mom. There's just something about your mom that makes you feel better. I don't know if it's from years of taking care of you when you were little but moms just seem to do the trick. I have a great husband and family that are taking care of me and I appreciate them so much! Josh tried to get Andrew's attention while he was taking care of the yard and that little boy stood at the door and knocked and yelled for Andrew so he could get me a trash can. It was cute! When my head is over that trash can though, I just want my mommy!!!! Love you mom!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Customer Service

Call me Miss Manners, call me old fashioned, but I think people's customer service skills are lacking. I don't think it's because I live in a large town either. I think people today are just lazy and they honestly don't care about giving you the best experience in a store. Should they care? They are getting paid anyway, whether or not you buy something or leave the store mad. My problem is the people that work for tips. For example, yesterday Josh and I went to get our hair cut. The lady that cut Josh's hair had another guy in her chair before Josh. She must've known him because she was chatting him up the whole time. Now guys don't have a lot of hair so it shouldn't take long, right? Well, she was cutting his hair before we got there and we waited at least 20 minutes if not longer. When it was Josh's turn, she suddenly got grouchy. I understand he's little but he can answer questions. The same thing has happened to Andrew when he gets his hair cut. The lady chats up the cute firefighter in front of him and then clams up when Andrew gets in the chair.

And what's with making people wait? When the ladies are done with a customer at the hair place, they highlight the ticket, they saunter back to their station and clean their clippers (yes, I know that's important but does it have to take 15 minutes?), they lazily sweep the floor, they walk to the back room and have a piece of cake (one they didn't need in the first place), then they finally saunter back to the front and call the next person's name. All of that took 20 minutes when I've already been waiting 20! It's like they do it on purpose to see if another stylist finishes before them. It's almost like they are picking and choosing who they want. If you don't want to serve people, why do you have a job that requires customer service?

How about restaurant service? Can you go anywhere that really serves you and takes care of you as a customer? And what's the business about being afraid to say something? I'm scared to complain about my food anymore. Why? You know when they take your food back someone's doing something disgusting to it or you are scared they will. Why should I have to feel bad about ordering water too? I don't want all the sugar that pop has and pop is stinking expensive! Why can't I order water? Yes, I know it lowers my bill and therefore you are getting less of a tip, but deal with it!

I guess I miss the days of true customer service when someone really earns their tip or their pay. I guess this also shows how my parents brought me up to not be lazy. I think too many people are spoiled today and they get what they want anyway so they don't have to work for it. So in the end, thanks Mom and Dad for not spoiling me!

P.S. I think this deserves the title of a rant! Don't worry, I'm off my soapbox - sorry.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old people still rock!!

At my school, we try to promote team spirit. So, every once in a while, the staff will vs. the students in a game. In the fall, it was volleyball because that was the sport they were playing at the time. We were a little worried they would beat us because their record was like 5-1. Surprisingly, we won. We also won the year before.

This year we tried a new game: kickball. Now, we were even more worried. I mean, old people rounding bases? Do you know the last time I played kickball? I was in grade school (more than a decade ago!). Do you remember "requesting" your pitch? You know: smooth, bumpy, or extra bumpy. So yesterday we played the students in a 6 inning, no strikes, kickball game and we won!! The staff won 25 to 13. See, old people still rock!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I must be doing something right...

So I've heard parents say that when you're kid tells you they hate you, you must be doing something right, right? Well, it sure doesn't feel good when it happens. Let's travel back 45 minutes...I put my kids to bed, read them a story and turn on their music. My daughter is asleep after maybe 10 minutes, my son...yeah, right! He gets up and I make him go back to bed. I usually use the Supernanny technique where you don't talk to them you just lead them back to bed. Well, it's now 30 minutes later and I have gotten up at least 20 times to take him back to bed. During the times he has gotten out of bed, I have had 2 pillows thrown at me and 2 books thrown at me. He has slammed the door on me at least twice, told me he didn't love me and stuck his tongue out at me. To put a cherry on top, he yelled "I hate you!"

Now, almost 45 minutes and he just came in and apologized to me for throwing books at me, "dicking" (he can't say his "s's") his tongue out at me, shutting the door and being mean to me. At the beginning of this post I was crying because I felt like my son didn't love me, and I wasn't doing anything right. Now, I am crying because he knows he did something wrong, and he knows he should apologize for it. When it comes down to it, maybe I am doing something right.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The only video game I can play!!!

I found these old video games to put on your blog, and I thought I would try adding them a few at a time. The next one I'm going to get is Mrs. PacMan. My sister will never leave my site!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Test your travel IQ

I found this link on someone's blog and I clicked on it and started to play. It's a little addicting - so beware!!


6 Word Story

Do you think you can do it? Ernest Hemingway did! He once wrote a story in just six words. Want to hear it? "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." It has been said that he called this his best work. There are several listed on the internet at:


I gave this challenge to my middle schoolers earlier this year and they had fun with it. Some of their stories included:

I'm blessed. Blessings gave me friends.

Serving in the gym, playing volleyball.

Shoes, very comfy, fun to wear.

Cute shoes in the store. Now pinching.

Cow born, makes milk, fresh beef (I think this one is my favorite!)

Volleyball, smooth going, Friday. Going down.

Good luck coming up with one of your own!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teacher of the Year

No, I didn't get nominated from my school just in case you were wondering. I do want to explore the criteria for someone to be voted on (by other teachers) for teacher of the year. What does this title mean? Can this title only be held by people who are veteran teachers? For example, does a teacher who has only taught 2 years deserve this title as much as someone who has taught for 20 years or longer? What about education? If someone has more education, do they deserve that title more? I can't complain too much because I forgot to turn my nomination in so I really have no room to talk. I am just confused because of a situation that happened which involved a so called "Teacher of the Year." I guess the question comes down to who deserves it and who has worked for it. If they are the same person that's great but if they're not, one needs to do more consideration before a vote is cast. I'm sorry if this is a confusing post but I'm just trying to blow off some steam. You know my phone number if you need more explanation. By the way, this stuff will happen at any school :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My list of books

I love to read and that's just the beginning. One day, I started a book in the morning and I didn't finish it until the afternoon. I think I read from 9 until almost 3. Sometimes I will see or hear about a book I want to read but then I forget about it. I am forever making lists about books I want to read so I won't forget. Of course, then I lose the list! So, here's my list (I can't lose this one!)
  1. Blink by Tim Deeker
  2. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
  3. The Gift by Richard Paul Evans
  4. The Witness by Dee Henderson (I actually have this book from the library, it's just a matter of opening it and starting it.)
  5. House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton (this one should be first on my list because my 7th graders are reading it right now. They're on chapter 7 and I have to get ahead of them!!!)
  6. Any new books from Terri Blackstock's Night Light series. If you have not read these, you should. It is a great series!

That's my list for now. We'll see how I do!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Josh's Arm

As many of you know, Josh broke his arm in early December. He was playing at school and fell. The break was right at his elbow joint so there was a concern about whether or not it would heal right. If it didn't heal right, there was the possibility he would have to have surgery and have a pin put in. He had his final appointment in early Feb. The doctor took x-rays and said his arm looked great. She said it looked like it had never been broken in the first place. Many people would contribute that to us being lucky (which we aren't) or to him being a child. Us, on the other hand, are contributing it to the amazing healing that God can do. We fully believe that God healed Josh's arm and allowed it grow back the way it did. Thank you to all of our family who prayed for him - we so appreciated it. I've included a picture of what he looked like with his cast on. His first cast was blue and his second cast was glow-in-the-dark.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

So it's been said that kids say the funniest things but it's not only little kids. Middle schoolers say funny things too. I've been keeping track of some of the things one of my students says. He is an English Language Learner, which means that English is not the first language he learned. So here are some of the things he has said to me, our class, and to other teachers:

  • Earlier this year during volleyball practice, while grabbing his thigh, he told the coach he pulled his "thyroid." To which she responded "Wow that's really serious. I've never heard of anyone pulling their thyroid.
  • During another volleyball practice the coach was explaining to a player that she really needed him to be more consistent with his serves. The boy asked what she meant and this particular student said "Duh, it means when you can't go to the bathroom."
  • After our geography bee (which he won, amazingly) he asked me where "Hamsterdam" was. I told him it was next to "Gerbilville."
  • Today he told the class that he had so much calcium in his hair they wouldn't believe it.
  • He was talking about how he likes British accents and he when he imitated it, it made him sound erotic. I think he meant exotic.

So, yes, I have frustrating days, and yes, they don't always get their homework done, but when stuff like this happens, I just have to stop and laugh.

2/27/08 I had to add two more things today that were said:

  • A student in my class had his desk cleared by the janitor because he keeps it so messy. He found it funny that his book was taken but not his bookmark. He says to me "Mrs. Puccini, the fiends stole my bookmark!"
  • The student from the previous posts was irritated with another student and he said "Man, she is really pushing my ticket."

Monday, February 25, 2008

10 Random Things About Me:

  1. I don't call and order pizza on my own.
  2. My closet isn't organized.
  3. I press sleep on my alarm for 30 min. before I get up.
  4. I used to work in the Ag. dept. when I was in college.
  5. I haven't had a haircut since Oct.
  6. I let my husband color my hair and it cost me $200 to get it fixed (in Oct.)
  7. I have 2 pairs of the same shoes in different colors (brown and black).
  8. I love the show King of Queens.
  9. I want to go on vacation in Austrailia.
  10. I think I could eat pizza every day if I had to.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You've just been marooned...

So I posed this question to my students the other day for their journal writing and I have been thinking about it a lot lately:

You've just been marooned on a desert island and you have 3 useful things and one completely useless thing with you. What are the items and how would you use them for survival?

Here's my list:
1. Pan - used to boil water and cook my food.
2. Flint - not sure if I know how to use it but it will last longer than matches.
3. My cell phone - I can call for help until my battery dies out, then I will throw it in the fire to make an explosion so someone will see me. I wouldn't worry about having service because I have Verizon. You've seen the commercials right?
4. Battery - completely useless right? Until I hear someone or something coming and then I will throw it in the fire and explode it.

What do you think? What would you do?

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog because I was feeling a little left out by everyone. My sister has a blog and various other family members have sites where they post things, so, I thought I would join the technological world (although we would all agree I'm more adavanced than my mom! Just kidding!)and start a blog. I also wanted to start one so people could keep up with my family and so I could relieve a little bit of my creative writing itch. So enjoy reading and comment often!