Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dancing Hannah

I know you are waiting for pictures of the kids' first day of school but I just haven't taken the time to post them. Sorry - tomorrow, I promise! While you are waiting, here is a video of Hannah dancing. They had the radio on last night and I took some video of them dancing. This is one of Hannah dancing to a Spanish radio station. It's a little dark - sorry.


Lindsay said...

I love it! My favorite is listening to the little giggle as she shakes her stuff. Also, you better keep good on your promise to post pictures, because I'm going to be checking! :) Thanks for the video.

Mom/Grandma said...

Hannah is a boogey girl! I love watching her dance. She has some pretty good moves. Our computer didn't have the sound but Lindsay said it is so cute with the music and Hannah's giggle. I will have to go to the Steward's to catch the sound. Thanks for sharing. I love you all.