Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project 365: Week 8

Ready for the 8th week? Here we go...

Day 51 Feb 22

Hannah & Josh at church.

Day 52 Feb 23

I came home from school on Monday and this was hanging in our screen. Josh's guy must've gotten "hung up" during his mission!

Day 53 Feb 24

We had Science Fair projects at school today and this was my favorite project from my room. This student showed volunteers a video on a website then they had to tell whether or not the person's smile was real or fake. It was a neat project & I really wish she would've won.

Day 54 Feb 25

Hannah's flower from the Father/Daughter Dance. She put it in water and it has bloomed and opened up since then.

Day 55 Feb 26

The winners from our school got to go and compete against 3 other schools. This is one of our students presenting to the judges.

Day 56 Feb 27

We went to KIDvention tonight and this is Josh during Praise & Worship. KIDvention is just like Convention that the teenagers go to but it's for kids ages K-6 grade.

Day 57 Feb 28

We returned Andrew's Dad's truck today and this is a picture of the kids in their Suns jerseys. William (Andrew's brother) likes to collect jerseys and he finds them at Goodwill for like $2. The kids like to wear them and be their own basketball team. It's funny.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Protective Mother Bear

I'm not sure how it is for other teachers, but for me, I've become like a protective mother bear over my students. Every time I tell someone what grade I teach, their reaction is always "Wow, bless you!" or "Whoa, that must be tough." And I have to admit at any other school, I'm sure it would be tough. I really have it pretty easy. My main problem is students chatting too much in class and not handing in an assignment cause it gets lost in their desk. The thing that kind of gets on my nerves sometimes is when someone or people assume they know my students. They assume that because every teenager is snotty, rude, loud, obnoxious etc. that my students are too. All I know is that I was brought up to treat others the way you want to be treated. And I've learned that you teach people how to treat you. So I guess I've gone by the motto when teaching junior high that if you want respect from them, you have to give it to them, and that doesn't mean you talk rudely to them or you treat them like 2nd graders. Now I understand that there are some kids that will need harsher treatment than others but that's where you can't assume that every teenager needs to be treated like that. So my "mother bear" instinct kicks in when my students are treated unfairly (when they're in the wrong, of course). I haven't gotten along with every kid that's darkened my door but I still get angry when people are mean to them, etc. They just want to be treated like a human and that you know they exist. They want you to know that they can carry on a conversation like everyone else. They want to feel like they matter and that's all. So I guess the moral of my soapbox is that the next time you meet a teenager - don't assume the worst about them!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365: Week 6 & 7

Day 40 (Feb. 9)

We made the kids' Valentine's boxes for school. Remember when we used to have time to make them in school? I loved those days!

Day 41 (Feb. 10)

We had a 2 hr. delay at school! When I got to school they had gotten about 3 inches. It looked so pretty on the mountains!

Day 42 (Feb. 11)

I got this book to share with my class at school. We are talking about poems and this book is about color poems. I just think the name is funny.

Day 43 (Feb. 12)
We made the kids' Valentine's tonight. They took some time but the kids were really excited about handing them out. We took crayons and melted them to make colorful heart-shaped crayons.

Day 44 (Feb. 13)
Today Andrew volunteered at Josh's Valentine pancake party. He said that when Josh was going through the line, they asked him what he wanted on his pancakes and he said yes to everything. The boy is a bottomless pit!

Day 45 (Feb. 14)

We babysat my neices and we took them to the park

Day 46 (Feb. 15)

No picture today because Andrew and I were by ourselves. I could've taken a picture of just us but I didn't. We just hung out together today because my sil & bil babysat for us. Thanks Ann & Tim!

Day 47 (Feb. 16)

We bought Hannah's Father/Daughter Dance dress tonight. This is just a sneak peek of her dress.

Day 48 (Feb. 17)

Andrew & I caught an episode of Martha Stewart and Emeril was on there making a garlic roast and mashed potatoes. So we tried it and it was so good!

Day 49 (Feb. 18)
Andrew worked on a project for Tim tonight. He had to cut holes in a bucket lid to look like a money slot. At one point he was getting plastic in his eyes so he put on my pink sunglasses.

Day 48 (Feb. 19)
Tonight was PTO night at McDonald's for the kids' school. So, I took the kids to McDonald's and they were so excited to see teachers they knew serving food and cleaning the tables. When we walked in all I heard was "Look Josh - there's Mrs. So-and-so!" "Look Hannah, there's Coach S.!" It was pretty cute.

Day 50 (Feb. 20)

I curled Hannah's hair for the Father/Daughter dance.

Day 50 (Feb. 21)
Hannah brought this in to me tonight. She gave it to me as a gift. I had no idea where she got if from. It's just a metal leaf. I found out from Andrew it's from the top of a lamp. Don't worry the lamp it came from is not placed anywhere in our house. I'm sure you can tell by the leaf what kind of lamp it's from :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My brother the man!

Check out this video that my sister posted about my brother. He did his first solo flight and she made a slideshow about it. Way to go Wes! This is a far cry from throwing underwear on the Christmas tree! Ha! Ha! He will never live that one down!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 4 & 5

So I haven't posted my Project 365 for a few weeks. I've still been taking pictures every day it's just had to get them posted on Sun. night when my bed looks so inviting! Anyway, onto my pictures:

Day 26 (Jan. 26)

Snow at my school! Everyone thought we would have a snow day but true Illinoians call this flurries :-)

Day 27

The kids rode the bus today because I had to drive to work. Oh the fun of only having one vehicle! But we have worked it out for 3 years so we can do it!

Day 28

Eating at a restaurant.

Day 29

My kids really like the rock wall at the gym and Andrew said they are getting higher up the wall each time they go!

Day 30

Hannah built a Domino tower.

Day 31

We discovered the White Tanks Regional Park today and we found a trail called Waterfall Trail. There was a waterfall at the end too. It was beautiful scenery too!

Josh & Andrew at the end of the Waterfall Trail.

Day 32 (Feb. 1)

Eventhough Andrew had to work on Superbowl Sunday, he was ready for the game when he came home. He is wearing Josh's jersey.

Day 33 & 34 (Feb. 2 & 3)
I guess I don't have pictures for today but I've posted double pictures for some days so I hope that satisfies you. I think my goal for this project was not to necessarily take pictures "every day" per say, but to capture more of our regular life than just the "big" things that happen over the course of a year.

Day 35 (Feb. 4)

We went to Michael's for some Stu Co. stuff for me and Hannah got one of those melting beads things and I remember having these when I was little so I was teaching her what to do.

Day 36 (Feb. 5)

This is a picture of the Valentine-grams my Stu Co. made for a Valentine's fundraiser.

Day 37 (Feb. 6)

My family gave me the "Teacher of the Year" award, which was very nice of them. I didn't have such a wonderful week this week.

Day 38 (Feb. 7)

It was superhero night at church and there was face painting going on so the kids got their faces painted to look like superheros. Josh said his name was Flame Flier.

Day 39 (Feb. 8)

My sil and my nieces spent the night at our house and we had doughnuts for breakfast. This is my niece, Keira, eating her doughnut like a doggy. She is 2 1/2 and has an obsession with doggies :-)

Hopefully next time I won't wait so long to post pictures! It's been hard to remember what we've done - especially since I have a hard time remembering what clothes I wear the previous day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

For My Sister

I made this for Sisterhood of Scrap's Saturday Challenge. I know it's not Saturday but you know how it goes. We just got busy and then had people over so I didn't get back to it until today. Enjoy!