Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365: Week 6 & 7

Day 40 (Feb. 9)

We made the kids' Valentine's boxes for school. Remember when we used to have time to make them in school? I loved those days!

Day 41 (Feb. 10)

We had a 2 hr. delay at school! When I got to school they had gotten about 3 inches. It looked so pretty on the mountains!

Day 42 (Feb. 11)

I got this book to share with my class at school. We are talking about poems and this book is about color poems. I just think the name is funny.

Day 43 (Feb. 12)
We made the kids' Valentine's tonight. They took some time but the kids were really excited about handing them out. We took crayons and melted them to make colorful heart-shaped crayons.

Day 44 (Feb. 13)
Today Andrew volunteered at Josh's Valentine pancake party. He said that when Josh was going through the line, they asked him what he wanted on his pancakes and he said yes to everything. The boy is a bottomless pit!

Day 45 (Feb. 14)

We babysat my neices and we took them to the park

Day 46 (Feb. 15)

No picture today because Andrew and I were by ourselves. I could've taken a picture of just us but I didn't. We just hung out together today because my sil & bil babysat for us. Thanks Ann & Tim!

Day 47 (Feb. 16)

We bought Hannah's Father/Daughter Dance dress tonight. This is just a sneak peek of her dress.

Day 48 (Feb. 17)

Andrew & I caught an episode of Martha Stewart and Emeril was on there making a garlic roast and mashed potatoes. So we tried it and it was so good!

Day 49 (Feb. 18)
Andrew worked on a project for Tim tonight. He had to cut holes in a bucket lid to look like a money slot. At one point he was getting plastic in his eyes so he put on my pink sunglasses.

Day 48 (Feb. 19)
Tonight was PTO night at McDonald's for the kids' school. So, I took the kids to McDonald's and they were so excited to see teachers they knew serving food and cleaning the tables. When we walked in all I heard was "Look Josh - there's Mrs. So-and-so!" "Look Hannah, there's Coach S.!" It was pretty cute.

Day 50 (Feb. 20)

I curled Hannah's hair for the Father/Daughter dance.

Day 50 (Feb. 21)
Hannah brought this in to me tonight. She gave it to me as a gift. I had no idea where she got if from. It's just a metal leaf. I found out from Andrew it's from the top of a lamp. Don't worry the lamp it came from is not placed anywhere in our house. I'm sure you can tell by the leaf what kind of lamp it's from :-)

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Lindsay said...

Love them all! I can't wait to see pictures of the father daughter dance. i hope you took some! Also, I love the idea of the pancake thing for Josh's school. That's a neat idea. Keep it up, you're doing great!