Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project 365: Week 8

Ready for the 8th week? Here we go...

Day 51 Feb 22

Hannah & Josh at church.

Day 52 Feb 23

I came home from school on Monday and this was hanging in our screen. Josh's guy must've gotten "hung up" during his mission!

Day 53 Feb 24

We had Science Fair projects at school today and this was my favorite project from my room. This student showed volunteers a video on a website then they had to tell whether or not the person's smile was real or fake. It was a neat project & I really wish she would've won.

Day 54 Feb 25

Hannah's flower from the Father/Daughter Dance. She put it in water and it has bloomed and opened up since then.

Day 55 Feb 26

The winners from our school got to go and compete against 3 other schools. This is one of our students presenting to the judges.

Day 56 Feb 27

We went to KIDvention tonight and this is Josh during Praise & Worship. KIDvention is just like Convention that the teenagers go to but it's for kids ages K-6 grade.

Day 57 Feb 28

We returned Andrew's Dad's truck today and this is a picture of the kids in their Suns jerseys. William (Andrew's brother) likes to collect jerseys and he finds them at Goodwill for like $2. The kids like to wear them and be their own basketball team. It's funny.

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Lindsay said...

First place goes to Worshipping Joshua. Second place goes to the man in the screen.