Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 4 & 5

So I haven't posted my Project 365 for a few weeks. I've still been taking pictures every day it's just had to get them posted on Sun. night when my bed looks so inviting! Anyway, onto my pictures:

Day 26 (Jan. 26)

Snow at my school! Everyone thought we would have a snow day but true Illinoians call this flurries :-)

Day 27

The kids rode the bus today because I had to drive to work. Oh the fun of only having one vehicle! But we have worked it out for 3 years so we can do it!

Day 28

Eating at a restaurant.

Day 29

My kids really like the rock wall at the gym and Andrew said they are getting higher up the wall each time they go!

Day 30

Hannah built a Domino tower.

Day 31

We discovered the White Tanks Regional Park today and we found a trail called Waterfall Trail. There was a waterfall at the end too. It was beautiful scenery too!

Josh & Andrew at the end of the Waterfall Trail.

Day 32 (Feb. 1)

Eventhough Andrew had to work on Superbowl Sunday, he was ready for the game when he came home. He is wearing Josh's jersey.

Day 33 & 34 (Feb. 2 & 3)
I guess I don't have pictures for today but I've posted double pictures for some days so I hope that satisfies you. I think my goal for this project was not to necessarily take pictures "every day" per say, but to capture more of our regular life than just the "big" things that happen over the course of a year.

Day 35 (Feb. 4)

We went to Michael's for some Stu Co. stuff for me and Hannah got one of those melting beads things and I remember having these when I was little so I was teaching her what to do.

Day 36 (Feb. 5)

This is a picture of the Valentine-grams my Stu Co. made for a Valentine's fundraiser.

Day 37 (Feb. 6)

My family gave me the "Teacher of the Year" award, which was very nice of them. I didn't have such a wonderful week this week.

Day 38 (Feb. 7)

It was superhero night at church and there was face painting going on so the kids got their faces painted to look like superheros. Josh said his name was Flame Flier.

Day 39 (Feb. 8)

My sil and my nieces spent the night at our house and we had doughnuts for breakfast. This is my niece, Keira, eating her doughnut like a doggy. She is 2 1/2 and has an obsession with doggies :-)

Hopefully next time I won't wait so long to post pictures! It's been hard to remember what we've done - especially since I have a hard time remembering what clothes I wear the previous day!!!


Lindsay said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had thrown in the towel on Project 365. I'm glad to see you're still doing it. I love Flame Flier. Too cute!

Geralyn said...

I'm glad you posted more pictures. Will we go to White Tanks Reg. Park when we come out to visit? I'd like to see the kids on the rock climbing wall also. It was so nice of your family to award you with "Teacher of the Year", they know as well as I do that you really are the best teacher there!!
I still have some of the melting beads from your childhood. Also we have the hot-pot holder weaving frame that Hannah may enjoy:)
keep up the picture taking, I really enjoy seeing you in your everyday lives.