Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday was my sister Lindsay's birthday and yesterday was my brother Andrew's birthday. My sister turned 24 and my brother turned 15. He will be so mad that I say this but it was so weird talking to him because his voice is changing! I just wanted to share some things that I remember from when we were younger (don't worry, I'll spare everyone the embarrassing details!):

  • Andrew used to call chap stick "lip chap."

  • Once Lindsay ate a tube of chap stick because she thought it was candy. My mom found her sitting on the dryer with a tube about as wide as a quarter and completely rolled up. Hmm....where do your kids get it?

  • When Lindsay and I used to share a room and we would get mad at each other, we would tie up the other's bed with yarn.

  • Andrew had a red power ranger uniform that he would wear to church every Sunday night for about 2 months when he was 4 or 5. (I won't say any more about that uniform - may it rest in peace!)

  • One time Lindsay and I were the last ones out of the house on a very cold winter day. When we shut the door, one of our cats got stuck in between the doors. When we came home, the cat had done it's duty all over the door. My dad made us clean it up. I laughed and poured hot water while Lindsay chipped it away.

  • Andrew used to dance with his chin stuck out and his eyes closed.

  • Lindsay and I used to roll off my top bunk onto pillows and blankets below.

  • I fell down the back steps once while I was carrying Andrew on our way to Easter service at church.

  • Lindsay and I used to play Boxcar Children in the pasture. "Let's pretend our parents are dead...."

  • Lindsay and I got stuck in the mud once right by the fence and we peed our pants because we were laughing so hard about it. Then my dad got mad at us because he had to pull us out.

  • Andrew and Lindsay used to sing these songs: "I feel like chicken tonight" and the song about the basketball player wearing her pants low.

Happy Birthday guys! We really did have a fun childhood beyond all the fighting we did! I am so blessed to have my 3 brothers and my sister!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 12 things I will remember about Hannah's school year

1. Taking off work for her first day of school and taking her to school and then not crying when I thought I would.

2. Getting letters from the assistant principal saying that Hannah had been referred to her for showing positive character traits.

3. Watching Hannah start school not being able to read and having her finish it knowing how to read.

4. Having her nominated as a KinderColt of the Month 2 times. These were students who exhibited the 6 character traits of her school (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship)

5. Going to eat lunch with her on my days off.

6. Helping make gingerbread houses with her and her class during my Christmas break.

7. Watching her first Christmas program.

8. Taking her to many school friends birthday parties.

9. Doing Kindergarten homework the night before it's due (do you expect anything different from me?)

10. Watching her get off the bus and having her ask me if she can ride it again because it was fun.

11. Having her teacher write "practically perfect in every way" on her 4th qtr. midterm report.

12. Watching her walk across the stage at her kindergarten graduation and crying when the teachers read a nice poem. She's all grown up!

Top 12 things I will remember about Josh's school year

1. Being worried about not having a preschool set up for him and checking around at all the different options.

2. Finding a public preschool and finding out that my son qualifies as a "Model" student. (this is the only way he could go because preschool is reserved for special needs students)

3. Hearing him talk about his friends and his teachers.

4. Doing family homework (the night before it's due of course)

5. Having him get his immunizations and going into anaphylactic shock. That was the scariest call I have ever gotten!

6. Getting a call from Andrew before I left for school that Josh had broken his arm. Another scary phone call!

7. Having Andrew go in to talk to the director of Josh's school about having his classroom teacher changed.

8. Moving Josh to a new classroom and having him get along great with a new teacher and new friends.

9. Watching Josh be sad because he can't play soccer or go to karate birthday parties. Next year bud!

10. Taking pictures of the bracelet Josh made for his first “girlfriend” Madison.

11. Having Josh start the year not being able to recognize letters or being able to write his name and having him finish the year accomplishing those things.

12. Hearing his teacher say he is ready for Kindergarten.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hawaii Chair

This is so funny! A teacher at school showed me this video and I about fell on the floor because I was laughing so hard! This first one is the actual infomercial:

Now this is a clip from the Ellen Degeneres show when she tried it out:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 10 things I will remember about this school year

1. Starting the year with 15 students and ending with 8.

2. Taking 4 months to read Frankenstein. That was a 12th grade, unabridged, book I read with my awesome 7th & 8th graders!!!

3. Watching Seussical Jr. Musical and having to yell at the annoying 7th & 8th graders (not from my school - thank God!) behind me. Grrr! Don't get me angry during a play!!!

4. Having a student leave, then come back, then leave again, then come back.

5. Nominating one of my students for National Jr. Leadership Conference and sending her on an excellent trip to Washington D.C.

6. Crying when one of my favorite students left a month before school was out with only 2 days notice.

7. Finding out that 6 out of 8 of my students scored at or above grade level on district-wide tests.

8. Beating the students for the 2nd time in a staff vs. student volleyball match. Go old people!

9. Beating the students in the 1st annual staff vs. student kickball game. Old people rock - again!

10. Watching my first class of 7th graders mature into smart, capable 8th graders, and finally letting them go into the hands of the high school world. I will not cry! I will not cry!

One for none!

Had my 6 month dental check-up today in case you cared. I have had a tooth that has been sensitive so I was thinking I would probably have a cavity. I started going to the dentist last year after not seeing one since I had gotten married (July 2001). I know - what was I thinking?!? Anyway, I have had a cavity the last two times I have gone. Tonight though, NO CAVITY! Yeah!!!! The hygienist did tell me though that she can tell I am right-handed. She made a good guess as 90% of people are right-handed, right? Well, she said that the recession on my gums is mainly on the right side and usually that means you are right-handed because you go crazy on the right side. Funny, huh? By the way, watch out Lindsay - gum recession is hereditary. Looks like we'll be buying each other dentures soon!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My new movtivational speaker...

Tonight we were at the park and the kids were making their own obstacle courses. You know, up the steps, through the tunnel, down the slide etc. Well, Josh was upset because he was trying to finish the obstacle course and Hannah came over to talk to him. She said "Josh it's not about winning, it's about having fun." Then, Josh in typical boy fashion says back "No, Hannah, it's about winning not about having fun." Maybe Hannah has a future as a motivational speaker and Josh has a future as an athlete.