Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 12 things I will remember about Hannah's school year

1. Taking off work for her first day of school and taking her to school and then not crying when I thought I would.

2. Getting letters from the assistant principal saying that Hannah had been referred to her for showing positive character traits.

3. Watching Hannah start school not being able to read and having her finish it knowing how to read.

4. Having her nominated as a KinderColt of the Month 2 times. These were students who exhibited the 6 character traits of her school (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship)

5. Going to eat lunch with her on my days off.

6. Helping make gingerbread houses with her and her class during my Christmas break.

7. Watching her first Christmas program.

8. Taking her to many school friends birthday parties.

9. Doing Kindergarten homework the night before it's due (do you expect anything different from me?)

10. Watching her get off the bus and having her ask me if she can ride it again because it was fun.

11. Having her teacher write "practically perfect in every way" on her 4th qtr. midterm report.

12. Watching her walk across the stage at her kindergarten graduation and crying when the teachers read a nice poem. She's all grown up!

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matt said...

wish we could've been there for that graduation, I'll bet she was so proud of herself.