Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 10 things I will remember about this school year

1. Starting the year with 15 students and ending with 8.

2. Taking 4 months to read Frankenstein. That was a 12th grade, unabridged, book I read with my awesome 7th & 8th graders!!!

3. Watching Seussical Jr. Musical and having to yell at the annoying 7th & 8th graders (not from my school - thank God!) behind me. Grrr! Don't get me angry during a play!!!

4. Having a student leave, then come back, then leave again, then come back.

5. Nominating one of my students for National Jr. Leadership Conference and sending her on an excellent trip to Washington D.C.

6. Crying when one of my favorite students left a month before school was out with only 2 days notice.

7. Finding out that 6 out of 8 of my students scored at or above grade level on district-wide tests.

8. Beating the students for the 2nd time in a staff vs. student volleyball match. Go old people!

9. Beating the students in the 1st annual staff vs. student kickball game. Old people rock - again!

10. Watching my first class of 7th graders mature into smart, capable 8th graders, and finally letting them go into the hands of the high school world. I will not cry! I will not cry!


Lindsay said...

I don't think you're supposed to have favorite students! Just kidding. I enjoyed the recap of your year. It's almost over.

Stephanie said...

Well, I did say "one of my favorites" so technically I don't have one favorite student. It was just really sudden and I was sad to see her go because she laughed a lot. She reminded me of our cousin Carolyn.

Drew said...

I say you win my super delegate for teacher of the year!!