Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 12 things I will remember about Josh's school year

1. Being worried about not having a preschool set up for him and checking around at all the different options.

2. Finding a public preschool and finding out that my son qualifies as a "Model" student. (this is the only way he could go because preschool is reserved for special needs students)

3. Hearing him talk about his friends and his teachers.

4. Doing family homework (the night before it's due of course)

5. Having him get his immunizations and going into anaphylactic shock. That was the scariest call I have ever gotten!

6. Getting a call from Andrew before I left for school that Josh had broken his arm. Another scary phone call!

7. Having Andrew go in to talk to the director of Josh's school about having his classroom teacher changed.

8. Moving Josh to a new classroom and having him get along great with a new teacher and new friends.

9. Watching Josh be sad because he can't play soccer or go to karate birthday parties. Next year bud!

10. Taking pictures of the bracelet Josh made for his first “girlfriend” Madison.

11. Having Josh start the year not being able to recognize letters or being able to write his name and having him finish the year accomplishing those things.

12. Hearing his teacher say he is ready for Kindergarten.

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