Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teacher of the Year

No, I didn't get nominated from my school just in case you were wondering. I do want to explore the criteria for someone to be voted on (by other teachers) for teacher of the year. What does this title mean? Can this title only be held by people who are veteran teachers? For example, does a teacher who has only taught 2 years deserve this title as much as someone who has taught for 20 years or longer? What about education? If someone has more education, do they deserve that title more? I can't complain too much because I forgot to turn my nomination in so I really have no room to talk. I am just confused because of a situation that happened which involved a so called "Teacher of the Year." I guess the question comes down to who deserves it and who has worked for it. If they are the same person that's great but if they're not, one needs to do more consideration before a vote is cast. I'm sorry if this is a confusing post but I'm just trying to blow off some steam. You know my phone number if you need more explanation. By the way, this stuff will happen at any school :-)

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Lindsay said...

Hmm...I'm gonna guess it was a rough day? I don't know the other teachers, but I'm sure you deserved teacher of the year. In my opinion, teacher of the year shouldn't be based on how much education or experience. I think it should be based only on effectiveness as a teacher. You can be a teacher for 60 years and never really get through to one single student. You can be a teacher for 1 day and change a kid's life. Teachers are responsible for so much more than just teaching out of a textbook; they influence a student's attitude toward learning, their self-esteem...the list can go on and on. (You know my phone number if you want to hear the rest of the list). :)