Monday, March 3, 2008

Josh's Arm

As many of you know, Josh broke his arm in early December. He was playing at school and fell. The break was right at his elbow joint so there was a concern about whether or not it would heal right. If it didn't heal right, there was the possibility he would have to have surgery and have a pin put in. He had his final appointment in early Feb. The doctor took x-rays and said his arm looked great. She said it looked like it had never been broken in the first place. Many people would contribute that to us being lucky (which we aren't) or to him being a child. Us, on the other hand, are contributing it to the amazing healing that God can do. We fully believe that God healed Josh's arm and allowed it grow back the way it did. Thank you to all of our family who prayed for him - we so appreciated it. I've included a picture of what he looked like with his cast on. His first cast was blue and his second cast was glow-in-the-dark.


Lindsay said...

I'm sorry that Josh broke his arm. To Josh, From Madison

AMP109 said...

Man, Josh has had a rough life. He is he youngest, almost died when he was two and already a broken arm by four. If he is anything like his Dad the next twenty years don't look so well. But, what amazes me is Joshua is such a brave, funny, honest little guy. In the last year Josh has been to the doctor for routine shots and went into anaphylactic shock, had a number of horrible sicknesses related to his lung issues and finally broke a growth plate in his arm. But his manages to laugh through it all. He is braver than I have ever been. Recently he had the flu with double ear infection, he had to get two shot in his rear end and he was so brave and didn’t even cry. I remember when Josh was at OSF Childrens Hospital and for weeks he would get violently sick if he would try to move around, but we would sit there and sing our ABC’s. When Josh would finish his ABC’s I would say: “Good Job Joshie”. Then Josh would say: “it’s your turn daddy.” Then I would go through the ABC’s sometimes pretending to mess up and he would correct me. The whole time he kept our spirits high, when he was the one in pain. He is my little man! He gives my life purpose and keeps me humble. God has allowed certain things in Josh’s life to happen and I will never fully understand the pain a child may have to endure. But, God has given us Josh and Hannah to raise them up and protect them. But, so many times they raise me up and protect me and so many times teach me! In Josh’s own words “Daddy did you know you can’t see the wind..Just what the wind does…that is called effects of the wind.” My own little Billy Graham. Hold your kids close and love them raise them in the way they should go….! I LOVE YOU HANNAH AND JOSHUA. Love you Stephie , sorry I started my own Blog within your blog!