Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Customer Service

Call me Miss Manners, call me old fashioned, but I think people's customer service skills are lacking. I don't think it's because I live in a large town either. I think people today are just lazy and they honestly don't care about giving you the best experience in a store. Should they care? They are getting paid anyway, whether or not you buy something or leave the store mad. My problem is the people that work for tips. For example, yesterday Josh and I went to get our hair cut. The lady that cut Josh's hair had another guy in her chair before Josh. She must've known him because she was chatting him up the whole time. Now guys don't have a lot of hair so it shouldn't take long, right? Well, she was cutting his hair before we got there and we waited at least 20 minutes if not longer. When it was Josh's turn, she suddenly got grouchy. I understand he's little but he can answer questions. The same thing has happened to Andrew when he gets his hair cut. The lady chats up the cute firefighter in front of him and then clams up when Andrew gets in the chair.

And what's with making people wait? When the ladies are done with a customer at the hair place, they highlight the ticket, they saunter back to their station and clean their clippers (yes, I know that's important but does it have to take 15 minutes?), they lazily sweep the floor, they walk to the back room and have a piece of cake (one they didn't need in the first place), then they finally saunter back to the front and call the next person's name. All of that took 20 minutes when I've already been waiting 20! It's like they do it on purpose to see if another stylist finishes before them. It's almost like they are picking and choosing who they want. If you don't want to serve people, why do you have a job that requires customer service?

How about restaurant service? Can you go anywhere that really serves you and takes care of you as a customer? And what's the business about being afraid to say something? I'm scared to complain about my food anymore. Why? You know when they take your food back someone's doing something disgusting to it or you are scared they will. Why should I have to feel bad about ordering water too? I don't want all the sugar that pop has and pop is stinking expensive! Why can't I order water? Yes, I know it lowers my bill and therefore you are getting less of a tip, but deal with it!

I guess I miss the days of true customer service when someone really earns their tip or their pay. I guess this also shows how my parents brought me up to not be lazy. I think too many people are spoiled today and they get what they want anyway so they don't have to work for it. So in the end, thanks Mom and Dad for not spoiling me!

P.S. I think this deserves the title of a rant! Don't worry, I'm off my soapbox - sorry.


matt said...

Not lazy, huh thats not what i hear from your sister, miss go to the bathroom for an hour until all the chores are done:) At least thats what she says.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, that's what she used to do when it was time to do the dishes. Amazingly she would be gone and when she came back I had done all the dishes. She always cleaned the downstairs bathroom (sink & toilet) while I had the upstairs (sink, mirrors, toilet, shower & tub). Notice I said “my parents brought me up to not be lazy.” I don’t know what happened with your wife. Must be a 2nd child thing

Lindsay said...

You're such a liar!! You always wanted to dry and I wanted to wash. Good combination, right? I would have a few dishes done and "Latrene Queen" would take a trip to the bathroom. You would camp out in there until I got most of the dishes done. You thought you were so smart because the dishes would be dry when you got done. Little did you know I would make sure they would still be wet by spraying them down occasionally. Quit telling the whole world that it was me!! :)

Stephanie said...

I distinctly remember you always drying and me washing. But, whatever you want to tell the world. You did always clean the downstairs bathroom, though. I think it's fair to say we both took a lot of bathroom breaks (hey, we got some good reading done in the process). Eventually Mom would just do it for us. Okay so maybe we were lazy but if we had been getting paid maybe we wouldn't have been as lazy! Am I right?

P.S. You know I was just kidding right? You should thank your husband for starting it all!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I know you're just kidding, but I am still right. You are right about the bathroom cleaning ... I forgot to respond to that the first time. You always had to clean the upstairs bathroom. I have clear memories of you donning your swimsuit to clean the shower. Too funny! I think the reason I got the downstairs bathroom is because Mom gave us the choice and I was quicker about choosing. All in good fun!

Pooch ini said...

I don't think you guys ever did anything. You both are lazy! Take a hint from your husbands and clean the house. Go right not and clean.