Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's!

The dreaded day of every person who knows a prankster is upon us. Tomorrow, pranksters of all ages will descend upon the unsuspecting to unleash their terror. Many of us will turn on the faucet and have water spray into our faces (Mom, watch out for that one - my loving siblings got me with that one all the time!!!). Others of us will go to relieve ourselves in the bathroom only to have our waste dribble down the side of the toilet because someone has put plastic wrap on the seat. Then there will be those of us who will sit down at our desks without seeing the up-turned tack in our seats. All the while, the pranksters in our lives will be hiding and laughing at us. Oh, did I mention that if anyone else sees you, they will laugh at you too. Let's just get it out there, you will likely be the subject of everyone's laughter at work or at school for the next month.

Last year I was so glad that April Fool's fell on a weekend. That way I didn't have to worry about teenagers getting the best of me while I was standing up in front of the class. This year however, it's not. Tomorrow, as I wake up, my stomach will be tied in knots. I don't know what my students have up their sleeves, but I know I'm not ready for it. This year I have the upper hand because I already played an early joke on them. They heard this morning that we were going on a field trip tomorrow. Little did they know that it was a fake field trip to the moon (how many times I've wanted to send them for real!!). They were worked up about it all day. I even had one student worry he wouldn't get to go because he didn't have his work done and he got a detention slip. I sent the permission slip home amongst a bunch of other papers. It will be funny to see how many actually come back. Maybe I started early trouble for myself and tomorrow will be a day of revenge.

We shall see, I will keep you updated!


Lindsay said...

I can't wait to hear if the students fell for your joke and if they got you!

Stephanie said...

They didn't fall for the fake field trip. I threatened anyone who played a joke today with a detention. One girl tried to get me with this lotion she said she made. She wanted me to try it so she squirted it in my hand. I said "This feels like paint. This smells like paint." Then she started laughing. I didn't have it rubbed in yet thankfully. So it was almost, but no cigar for the students today. Teacher: 1, Students: 0