Monday, April 7, 2008

Keira's 2!

This last Saturday, my niece, Keira, turned 2. They had a family party and the kids swam in the pool. The temp was 83. I am a chicken so I don't get in until it's a lot warmer! Here are some pictures of the kids (William, Candace, Emily, Hannah, Josh and Keira) in the pool.

Keira trying on goggles

Josh swimming with his floaty

Hannah being the "lifeguard"

Andrew jumping in the pool. I caught him at the perfect midair moment!

All the kids hanging out


Anonymous said...

Who's the skinny hairy sexy beast jumpn' off the side of the pool, GRRRRRRRRRR:)

Lindsay said...

I can't believe how different Josh looks. He definitely wins the "Most Changed" award. Wow!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, he's especially changed in the last month because he's been so sick. We took them both to the dr. during Spring Break and they weighed 50 lbs. Last week when Josh was at the dr. he weighed 44 lbs. You can see his ribs!

p.s. I think anonymous is jealous and he/she should be man/woman enough to write their name ;-)