Monday, April 21, 2008


I found this on a website and thought it was interesting. You can find this question and others here.

Write about a time you cheated and got away with it. How did you feel?

I cheated in 10th grade in Chemistry class. I was terrible in Chemistry. I remember Mr. Luidahl giving us these chemical equation worksheets and we had to balance the equation. You know, there is just some point where you quit after you have 36 hydrogens on one side and 24 on the other and you have been balancing the equation for 1 hour. So the morning after these worksheets were handed out, I would gather with my friends in the library and copy their answers. After all, I was just trying to keep my sanity right? I actually don't feel bad about this because Chemistry was a really hard class and Mr. Luidahl was a really hard teacher. I tried to understand but for the life of me, I was not cut out for Chemistry. To this day I still don't like that subject! At the time that I was cheating, I knew it was wrong and that I should really try to understand it for myself but I was so desperate to save my grade (and my toush) that I really didn't give it much thought.


Andrew Puccini said...

I have never cheated. Except at maybe solitare. Does that count....Just Kidding. Just thought you need a post!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for feeling sorry for me. I don't believe that you've never cheated! Not even one question on homework? What about that time your wife read your college novel for you and then you used her knowledge of the book to write a paper? That sounds like cheating to me!

Come Back King! said...

That was being resourceful. Do you think that when President Bush have someone write his speech's that is cheating??? HAHA

Stephanie said...

Too bad the Come Back King doesn't use his English teacher wife for a resource when he posts his responses!