Friday, July 25, 2008

I am so bored!!!

I have had the most boring day ever! Andrew had our car today because he was helping his sister and brother-in-law move back from their campgrounds for the school year. So, I didn't have a car today. I don't think I would've gone anywhere if I did have a car but maybe it was just the thought. I have papers to write for a summer class I didn't take but I'm still getting credit for. I have 6 separate papers to write and I only have one sentence done for the first paper. Every time I sit down at the computer I find something else to do. I have played probably 20 games of Freecell and there is nothing on t.v. Wait, there is but it's either watch Bear Grylls drink yak blood and eat an eyeball or change it to an infomercial channel. Hmmm...not a tough decision. Wow, this is even boring to read back!


Lindsay said...

Eat an eyeball? Ok, that's gross. You could come to Illinois and help me snap bowl after bowl of beans! I think Mom planned her trip for when everything in her garden would be ripe!!

Stephanie said...

Then we could fix eyeball bean stew. Who knows, it might taste good! We could even have blueberries for dessert. I think she does that too! I remember having to do the same thing a few years ago!

Drewski said...

I just bring that much excitment in your life right?! Andrew