Monday, July 14, 2008

Zoo outbreak?

So last night, Andrew went into a hotel to check for a room and he saw a fox as he was getting out of the car. Today as we were driving home, we were listening to the news and there was an African lion that had been spotted in El Paso, Texas. There were reverse 911 warnings going out to all residents to keep their pets and children inside their homes (duh!). Finally, today we were in the northern part of New Mexico and we has stopped to go to the bathroom. As we were getting back on the highway, we saw 5 or so peacocks on the side of the road. Dead serious, peacocks! So I'm wondering, was there a zoo outbreak that no one was informed of? Maybe someone is playing the game Jumanji. I'm wondering what animals we will see next, giraffes? rhinos? zebras?


Lindsay said...

Lions and tigers and Bears...Oh my! Just tell the kids it was a travelling zoo...and extension of your vacation. My vote actually goes to it being a game of Jumanji, although I do despise that movie!

Stephanie said...

I forgot to mention the 2 monkeys we had in the backseat ;) Ha Ha!