Saturday, February 23, 2008

You've just been marooned...

So I posed this question to my students the other day for their journal writing and I have been thinking about it a lot lately:

You've just been marooned on a desert island and you have 3 useful things and one completely useless thing with you. What are the items and how would you use them for survival?

Here's my list:
1. Pan - used to boil water and cook my food.
2. Flint - not sure if I know how to use it but it will last longer than matches.
3. My cell phone - I can call for help until my battery dies out, then I will throw it in the fire to make an explosion so someone will see me. I wouldn't worry about having service because I have Verizon. You've seen the commercials right?
4. Battery - completely useless right? Until I hear someone or something coming and then I will throw it in the fire and explode it.

What do you think? What would you do?


Lindsay said...

Is it a warm desert island or cold desert island? We'll assume it's warm. Here's my list:
1. Loaded gun. I've never shot one, but I could learn quick. I'm sure I could make a spear, but I don't want anything getting close enough to me to allow me to use a spear.
2. Knife. I'm not exactly sure how I would use it, but it would come in handy in case I was able to shoot a bear. Do bears live on islands? Probably not. I could strap it to a stick and try to spear fish. Oh...that would be a sight!
3. Matches. I don't know how to use flint and Stephanie won't be there to teach me. I'm sure I would need/want a fire.
4. useless phone! I have US Cellular, so I might be able to make a call. I'll take me chances.

Great post, StephieReGayRe!

Stephanie said...

Didn't think about a gun! That would be way more useful than my phone. Can I change? I guess a knife would be useful too. Could you make your items people? Then you could bring 6 useful things total.

AMP109 said...

The three thing I would bring would be:
Useful items:
1: Fishing Pole. Ah to catch fish.

2: Lighter. to make a fire to cook fish.

3: pillow. I can't sleep without a pillow.

useless item:

clothes. Really are useless but I would feel naked without them.