Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glue with UHU Dec. Project

This month's project from UHU was to make magnets with glass beads using UHU Twist & Glue. These are the beads that have flat bottoms that you can put in vases. It was a pretty simple project too. The fun part was selecting the images I was going to use. I picked out some small stickers, rub-ons & images from scrapbook paper, then tested them under the bead to see what they would look like. Then, I put the UHU Twist & Glue on the back and stuck it to the paper. It did slide a little, but that was easily solved by holding the bead in place for a few seconds. I let them dry overnight. The next night, I trimmed the paper off with scissors. I used a file to sand down some of the pointed corners. Then, I glued the magnet on the back. Very easy project! Also, being a teacher, these would make great gifts for teachers and just about anyone else with a refrigerator :)
My favorite has to be the snail. Isn't he cute?


Geralyn said...

What a great idea! These would make good gifts for children to make too. I agree with you, the snail is the cutest:)

Sarah said...

Great job! They are all adorable!
Thanks for using UHU!

Lindsay said...

Those are really cute!

Helen said...

Love these Stephanie! What a great idea! I am off to make some! LOL!!!