Saturday, November 14, 2009

UHU Glue samples

I received 2 UHU Glue samples in the mail recently. They sent me the samples for free in exchange for my opinion about their products. Here are some of the projects I made with my samples:

This is the first sample I got. It is the UHU permanent glue roller. You can read more about it here but instead of a tape, it delivers mini glue dots when you roll it on.
This is one of the projects I made with it. I made these tags by covering a playing card with white cardstock then with the patterned paper. Then, I decorated them. I used the glue roller to attach the pp to the cardstock & the embellishments to the pp.
Another LO I made with help from the glue roller. On this LO I used the roller to attach my letters to the page and the ribbon strip at the bottom, and the patterned journaling circle. It was nice to use on the letters because they are so small.
My opinion: I liked the roller for small paper objects like my letters and such. I did find that if you were gluing something heavier, it may not stick. Also gluing to certain surfaces may not stick. For example: the playing card was slick and it didn't stick very well to it. I also liked that I could pick up my object after laying it down. The ribbon strip at the bottom of my LO needed to be moved a few times so it was nice it wasn't completely permanent right away. I also liked that it wasn't stringy. When the roller stopped, the glue stopped. I also liked the adjusting screw at the back so you could tighten the roll if it became loose (mine never did).
The next sample I received was the UHU glue stick and a 6x9 mini clipboard to alter. You can read more about it here.
And, here is the clipboard I made:
My opinion: This glue stick is colored so you can see when it starts to dry which is nice so you can go back over parts. Mine seemed to dry quickly but it could've been because I had the fan on or because we live in an extremely dry climate. I was also able to adjust my paper after I put it down but once again you have to work quick because this glue does stick!! There is no peeling it up after a few seconds! I have seen so many glue sticks that peel right up a few days afterwards but this doesn't seem like it will do that.
Thanks for checking out my reviews and thanks to UHU for the samples!


Geralyn Gray said...

Sounds like you are going to have fun testing these new products.I like your tags and the clip board. Keep up the creative crafting!

Andrew said...

I think it is awesome how much stuff you have done lately and won! I love you and your are so talented. Andrew

Jean Marie said...

Thanks so much for the's always helpful to read about a tested product from a consumer before buying. TFS!

pssssttttt...Congratulations ;)!

cindy said...

Great LO:)