Friday, March 6, 2009

My week in a random list:

Here is my week in no particular order:
1. I curled my hair 3 days in a row, which is not normal for me, and no one (except my husband & my boss) noticed or said anything. Usually I just let my hair air dry and it's boring but I actually got my act together and took my shower the night before so I could curl it in the morning.
2. I tried on some clothes at Target and the jeans I tried on were too big. Woo-hoo!
3. I finally started Probability with my students and the AIMS pressure has started to lift - sort of.
4. We got Internet back at our school and I am no longer deprived during the day.
5. We finished our "Walk On" challenge from Blue Cross Blue Shield at school and walked over 1100 miles all together.
6. We went to Family Literacy Night at the kids' school and we saw a strange Cat in the Hat costume, had our faces painted, did a cake walk, and watched Hannah sing karaoke with her friend.
7. We had roast and mashed potatoes for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and it was good!
8. Josh and I got his homework done on Tues. night - 2 days before it was due!!!
9. Andrew's friend, Brian, came for a visit today and is staying for a couple of days.
10. I had pizza for lunch today and for dinner tonight.
11. I argued with my brother about American Idol and he was right - I was wrong, but, it got him to call me!


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a busy week. I can't wait to see the pictures of it tomorrow. Hopefully you'll have one of your curled hair. Also, I loved your scrapbook page. Some of the other ones were really nice too. I love to see the different interpretations of one layout.

Geralyn said...

I would have loved to hear Hannah sing karaoke with her friend!! I'm looking forward to some of those highlights when we come to visit thei week-end. I didn't get to roll my hair today because my curling iron broke:( a real bumber for me, I roll my hair every day. The first thing I did when I came to work is check your posted scrapbook page. I loved your chalk work on the page. We will scrap together when I come. Yeah, it will be fun!