Saturday, March 14, 2009

Want some crafty candy?

I was blurfing (no I'm not sick - it's short for blog surfing) on Saturday instead of cleaning my house for when my parents come and I found some blogs that are giving away some candy. Sonia's is open till April 1st, as well as Caryn's, and Maria's is open until the 23rd.

Here is a picture of Susie's blog candy and hers is open until the 21st:

And here is a picture of Shannon's candy that ends on the 17th (hurry!)

Check them out!


Lindsay said...

We sent them your way! They left around 12:30. I also sent my Jon & Kate + 8 book for you to read. Enjoy!!

InkHearts said...

Congrats girl! You won my Blog Candy. Send me your snail mail ASAP and I will get your goodies in the mail! I am glad to see that a scrapper (and sister in Christ!) won, you will love that album. It is just gorgeous in person. I don't scrap, but it was too pretty to pass up! hehehe
I love your blog background, those monkeys are too cute.


Lindsay said...

Woo-hoo! You won! Now you can't say you never win ANYthing! Congratulations