Thursday, May 7, 2009


God makes you go "Wow!" As an example, travel back with me about 15 min. I get out of the car that I ride in with my boss. I live around the corner from him so I carpool with him almost every day. As I get out of the car I notice that my purse is a little light and I think "Huh, I hope my keys are in there, surely they are, why wouldn't they be?" You might wonder why this is a problem for me on this particular day.

Today, Andrew and Josh are camping with Andrew's brothers in Tucson. Tucson is about 2 1/2 hours away, not to mention that Andrew is halfway up a mountain with no cell phone service. Where's Hannah you might ask? Hannah is with my sister-in-law who lives 30 min. away.

So back to my I get up to my door, I realize that, nope, my keys are not in my purse. On the verge of tears I think, just maybe Andrew will have cell phone service. I don't know what he could do for me but I knew I didn't want to bother my sister-in-law to drive 30 min. just to let me in my house. I also didn't want to sit in the hot sun for 30 min. Did I mention it was 102 today? No answer with Andrew. I realize I have to do it. I have to call my sister-in-law and tear her away from her family to come let me in.

I make the call and tell her what I did. Her reply? "Oh, I just left Surprise, let me turn around right now and I will be there in 8 min." She went on to tell me that she got a phone call from a friend who she hasn't seen in 2 years. She went over to her friend's house and talked for awhile and had just left when I called. Did you catch the part where she hadn't seen her friend in 2 years?!?! God is all knowing isn't he? It's amazing to me that he knew I didn't have my keys and he was working other plans so that Ann wasn't 30 minutes away from me when I needed her. So as I type this I am comfy on my bed and thinking how very thankful I am to God and my amazing sister-in-law!! I am also left thinking - wow!

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Geralyn said...

Thanks for the short devotion this Monday morning. I read in my devotional bible looking for a "pick me up" piece of inspiration. I didn't really find one that lifted me. After I read your blog, I knew that I had found my boost for the day. Yes, God is awesome and always and forever with us!! Thanks again. P.S. I think you are pretty amazing too:)