Sunday, January 11, 2009

First scrapbook pages

Here are my first scrapbook pages of the New Year - woo-hoo!! Sisterhood of Scrap has two challenges on their site and here are my pages for both of them:

This first page was made using the Saturday Sketch from Sisterhood's site. The journaling says: "When we go back to IL to visit, I try to convince my mom & my sister to go to scrapbook classes with me. I usually win & when we go it's scrappin' heaven!"
This first one was to scrapbook a list. My list was sort of a recipe for a photoshoot because everytime I turn on my camera, I have a few random pictures that I didn't take. These are a few of them. The journaling says: 1. Borrow Mommy's camera 2. Pose for self portrait 3. Ask brother to pose for picture 4. Act silly 5. Have fun!
I have been trying to scan in my pages because it seems like I can never get a good picture. Our scanner, however, is 8.5 x 11 so I have been having to use a stitchin program and I am really not liking the one I downloaded. It continues to curve the edges. Not sure if it's normal but it's pretty annoying. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Thanks for looking!


Kerry said...

hey there! thanks for visiting my blog. Your scrapbook pages are SO darn cute hehe.

I bought my "QuickStik" at my Local SCrapbook store - not sure if they sell them online. But it's a pretty handy tool, especially when you have those tiny little embellishments that are a PAIN to pickup!!

Hope that helps!

Lindsay said...

How good lookin' are we? I love the idea for the photo shoot. Your kids are so funny and your layouts are always so creative. Mine are always square and symmetrical. BORING!!

Deanne Burton said...

Great job on the layouts!!!!!

Drewski said...

You are so talented! I love watching you scrap and glad you are forcing your self to finally do it!!!! Love you!

Hope said...

Love your pages! I haven't been to Sisterhood of Scrap's site in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

Geralyn said...

I like the way you challenge yourself. You have a great way of expressing every day life and that is what your family will cherish when thay look back on their childhood. Your scrapbooking is very inspiring to me. I love you! Mom :)