Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365: Week 3

Day 20:

I took a picture of my school watching the Inauguration. We all ended up in one room (minus 6 Kindergartners) and I thought it was amusing that my whole school watched such a historic day all together in one room.

Day 21:

Josh lost his second tooth!

Day 22:

This was how I spent my sick day. The dr. told me to stay home until Monday so Andrew pretty much tied me down and confined my to bed. That's okay cause I really didn't want to do much anyway.

Day 23:

I got some kind of crafting streak and I made these cards that I found on this website. I will post the other stuff I made later.

Day 24:
We went to the park and even though Andrew told me I shouldn't go, but I wanted to get out of the house.

Day 25:

We went to the park again but this time we came home early due to "owies." Josh got hurt on the swings because he was trying to jump off the swing when it was headed toward the ground. Here he is crying and then putting on band aids. His leg ended up having a cast of band aids when he was done!

1 comment:

Geralyn said...

To look at Joshua crying, makes me want to cry also. Hopefully he will learn the trick of jumping from the swing with better timing!
the weather looks so inviting. We have been below zero for a long time now, BRRRRRRR ! Love you all, MOM:)