Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Questions from Sisterhood of Scrap

Today is Text Thursday at Sisterhood of Scrap and since I'm at home sick I thought I would take the time to answer these random questions from their site:

1. What color are your socks you have on now? Actually, right now I'm in bare feet :-)
2.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My husband - he was calling to make sure I was okay - such a nice guy!
3. What did you have for lunch today? I had a bowl of Cheerios for lunch.
4.Name someone you admire. I admire my husband because lately he's been both Mom & Dad because I've been sick. I also admire him because he takes care of the kids during the day and then he goes to work at night and even though he doesn't have the greatest night job, he does it to help out our family and because it works for us right now.
5. How many cars have you owned? We have owned 5 cars
6.How many homes have you lived in? I have lived in 6 homes, if you count my parent's house and the apartment we moved into when we moved to AZ.
7.Are you left-handed or right-handed? right-handed
8.Do you wear shoes around the house? sometimes but usually I walk around in socks or sometimes my slippers.
9. What was the last thing you took a photo of? The last thing I took a picture of was for my Project 365 and it was all the students in my school (minus 6 kindergartners) in one classroom watching the Inauguration. I thought it was funny that my whole school (teachers & staff included) could fit into one classroom.
10. Do you like hot chocolate? I love hot chocolate! Especially the chocolate part!

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Deanne Burton said...

I love eating cereal for meals other than breakfast!!!! Yum!!!