Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365: Week 2

Day 12:

We had a lady come to our school for a Mineral Museum. It was very interesting to say the least! The teachers all got these great boxes with a ton of stuff in them. The lady was a very interesting presenter and I will just leave it at that. Dino poop anyone?

Day 13:

The new season of American Idol - and they started in Phoenix!
Very bad picture by the way, sorry! It's Ryan Seacrest in front of the Grand Canyon.

Day 14:

Andrew's sister made fried tacos on New Year's Eve and he wanted to try them. So on his night off, we made fried tacos. They don't look healthy from the picture - and I'm sure they weren't - but they were good!

Day 15:

I taught my students how to play Racko. This was one of my favorite games that I played with Lindsay when we were little. I was amazed they didn't know how to play it. They loved the game! And as you can see, my school owns a very old version of it!

Day 16:

We had a "sleepover" in our living room. We blew up the air mattress and I let the kids stay up late and watch movies in the living room. This is Josh introducing our movie (13 going on 30). The movie theater in our town, has someone come in and introduce the movies to the audience and they say "If you have any questions, please find someone in a red vest." Then they tug on their vests. So we started being funny at home and doing it before we watch movies and this was Josh doing that.

Day 17:

Josh lost his first tooth!

Day 18:

The kids had a sleepover at Aunt Ann's. She offered and we didn't refuse! We went to see a late night showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a good movie but too long! I think we were the very last people to leave the theater!

Day 19:

Andrew was getting ready to go to work and he got about 1/2 way down the street when he called me and said "Come look at what I got for free." I went into the garage and he had gotten this lawnmower for free! Last week he got a desk - for free - he is on a roll!

So here's my second week of my Project 365. I'll be back next week with more!


Lindsay said...

Good job! I love the picture of Josh with his first lost tooth. Funny story...I told my kids that Josh lost his tooth while jumping on the bed. Now they're scared to jump on the bed because they think their teeth are going to fall out!!

Geralyn said...

I love reading your blog. It gives me great pleasure to see your family and watch what they do day to day. You're doing a great job on your picture challenge. Love, Mom:)