Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365

My first post of the New Year is about my resolution for 2009. My resolution is to take a picture every day and hopefully, scrapbook them as the year goes by. I have seen similar projects around on the Internet so it sounds like it's a popular resolution. It is a big undertaking but I've been successful for 11 days and I hope I can keep it up. Here are the pictures for days 1-11:

Day 1

Our first picture of 2009

Day 2:

Andrew's brother visited from Nebraska and we all met at Famous Dave's for lunch

Day 3:

Our couches needed to be cleaned so we spent Saturday cleaning our house and we rented a Rug Doctor.

Day 4:

This was the time I went to bed on the night before going back to school. My alarm was set and I was ready (sort of) to go back.

Day 5:

Our Christmas stuff was reduced to one tub :-(

Day 6:

Chris & Lanette stayed with us and Julianna & Hannah had fun playing together.

Day 7:

We had a cookout at Andrew's sister's house since a lot of the family was visiting. We also celebrated Ann's birthday that night. She could either be 21 or 19, so she chose to be 219 yrs old :-)

Day 8:

Josh is waiting for the bus on Thursday. I had to drive to work so Andrew walked him to the bus stop. Hannah was still sick so the little guy had to ride by himself. He had fun though and he loved it!

Day 9:

On Monday, Hannah had an ear infection and on Friday, we found out she had pneumonia. She missed a whole week of school last week :-(

Day 10:

Andrew's brother Nick and his son Oliver came over to our house to visit and Oliver wanted me to play video games with him. This kid was absorbed with our V-smile for like 4 hours. It was cute.

Day 11:

This was actually taken very early on Sunday morning. Hannah started having an allergic reaction to her pneumonia medicine. We called the pediatrician and she said to go ahead and take her to the ER. The ER was especially for kids and after seeing the doctor, he gave her some Benadryl and we were on our way. Hannah slept until noon today!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I am going to try to make a post every Sunday for this project so maybe it will be a little more manageable if I do it a week at a time. What's your resolution?


Lindsay said...

Cool idea! I love the picture of Josh at the bus stop. He looks so lonely. I don't have a resolution. I always have things I'm working on, but no resolution this year. I'm boring...I know.

Geralyn said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us all. That way we get a glimpse of your day to day life. I cryed when I saw the pictures of Hannah sick on the couch and also the picture of Lil Joshey waiting for the bus. The group picture of all the kids is great. I haven't seen some of them for a long time. My resolution is an on going goal to exercise and eat right. I always feel better when I stay on track. :)